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Professional vs Personal

Recently I’ve decided to split the blog into maths and non-maths. In a sense, I’ve always intended the blog to be more mathematical. The Life@Oxford series mostly started because a few years ago there wasn’t much maths that I was interested in / could write about.

Even so, the tone of the Life@Oxford series has generally been quite professional – More about studying maths at Oxford than my personal life.

Switching to MMathPhys next year?

It’s possible for MMath students to switch to MMathPhys in the 4th year. While it’s tempting to do 10 courses instead of 8, get to do courses from the physics department and choose a dissertation topic (instead of having it be decided by an algorithm), I’m skeptical if doing more courses is a good thing. It’s possible I’d enjoy doing less courses and spending more time on this blog and doing mathematics on my own.

Second-last Christmas in Oxford

Having recently completed the yearbook for my college (so that people doing 3-year BA degrees would get it before they graduate), Oxford truly feels like a fleeting experience. It’s almost like setting sail and seeing the harbour ever so slightly shrink in the distance. I wonder how I could try to make the most out of what’s left, just as how I had tried to make the most out of Hong Kong before I left for Oxford.