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Ring binders

I decided to put my printed lecture notes into ring binders, which have been a game changer for me. It’s so nice to be able to read 2 pages on a flat table. The resolution of 2 A4 paper stack next to each other is certainly greater than almost all tablets available nowadays.

Compared to stapling, ring binders can handle a lot more pages, tearing happens a lot less often, you can add / change / reoder pages as you please, and you don’t have to deal with awkward angles when you try to read a few pages at once.

All in all

This term was exams season and mostly I had to stick to what I’ve learnt for the past year rather than coming up with new solutions. Setting up studying routines, walking often and setting boundaries to my working hours have helped keep my sanity. Obviously, it was very difficult sticking to boundaries during exam season but I think I’ve managed relatively well.

With the end of applied mathematics and college tutorials, it certainly feels like a stage is over in my university education.

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